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Skepticism n. The entertainment of doubt concerning something. skiff n. Usually, a small light boat propelled by oars. skirmish n. Desultory fighting between advanced detachments of two armies. sleight n. A trick or feat so deftly done that the manner of performance escapes observation. slight adj. Of a small importance or significance. slothful adj. Lazy. sluggard n. A person habitually lazy or idle. sociable adj. Inclined to seek company. socialism n. A theory of civil polity that aims to secure the reconstruction of society.

Transpire v. To come to pass. transplant v. To remove and plant in another place. transposition n. The act of reversing the order or changing the place of. transverse adj. Lying or being across or in a crosswise direction. travail n. Hard or agonizing labor. travesty n. A grotesque imitation. treacherous adj. Perfidious. treachery n. Violation of allegiance, confidence, or plighted faith. treasonable adj. Of the nature of betrayal, treachery, or breech of allegiance. treatise n. An elaborate literary composition presenting a subject in all its parts.

Wee adj. Very small. well-bred adj. Of good ancestry. well-doer n. A performer of moral and social duties. well-to-do adj. In prosperous circumstances. whereabouts n. The place in or near which a person or thing is. whereupon adv. After which. wherever adv. In or at whatever place. wherewith n. The necessary means or resources. whet v. To make more keen or eager. whimsical adj. Capricious. whine v. To utter with complaining tone. wholly adv. Completely. wield v. To use, control, or manage, as a weapon, or instrument, especially with full command.

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