New PDF release: A Day in the Life of the Brain (Brain Works)

By Ana Maria Rodriguez

ISBN-10: 0791089479

ISBN-13: 9780791089477

ISBN-10: 1438101023

ISBN-13: 9781438101026

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Music and math are organized or structured ways of thinking that use the same circuits in the brain. These circuits seem to be located over large regions of the cortex. Learning to play a musical instrument during early childhood and regular practice help the brain to develop the neural circuits that are also used when it is solving mathematical problems or three-dimensional puzzles. Regular music practice reinforces these circuits, making it easier for the growing child not only to play the instrument but also to solve complex math and engineering problems, which use the same brain circuits.

Marijuana has a longer-lasting effect and may damage the brain. Mark could never eat enough chocolate to produce dangerous levels of anandamide in his brain. Chocolate also has phenylethylamine, which increases blood pressure and blood-sugar levels. This makes Mark feel alert and content. When Mark ate all these substances and others in the chocolate bar, he felt more relaxed and satisfied. Chocolate seems to be good for Mark, but it is not all good news. He knows that chocolate is not the healthiest food because it is full of sugar and high in calories.

In the majority of people—about 97%—the Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas are only found in the left hemisphere of the brain. The “language” areas in Mark’s brain work very closely with his hearing and vision areas. They allow him to see and hear words, understand them, and produce speech. Mark is 31 32 A Day in the Life of the Brain also able to move his mouth to speak and stand up to answer questions thanks to the motor cortex, which helps coordinate his body movements. Ms. Twain was pleased with Mark’s answers and he felt happy, but soon his mood would change.

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