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By Steven Saylor

In the 12 months forty eight B.C., Rome is in the course of Civil battle. As Pompey and Caesar struggle for keep an eye on of the Republic, Rome turns into a hotbed of intrigue, pushed by way of espionage, greed and betrayals.

A attractive younger seeress staggers around the Roman industry and dies within the fingers of Gordianus the Finder. probably mad and claiming no reminiscence of her prior, Cassandra― like her Trojan namesake―was reputed to have the present of prophecy, a present many in Rome might pay for handsomely...or lodge to homicide.

Obsessed with Cassandra's secret, Gordianus investigates her homicide. As he peels away the veils of secrecy surrounding her existence and demise, he discovers an internet of conspiracy linking a lot of Rome's so much ruthless and robust girls. Now Gordianus's pursuit not just endangers his personal existence, yet may well switch the way forward for Rome.

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I felt a tremor of intuition. A god must have whispered in my ear, as the poet says, for I knew they must be bringing news of that which was uppermost in my thoughts. Canininus and Volcatius, abruptly separated, each went about reasserting his dignity. Like mirror images, they straightened their tunics and threw back their chins. The gap between them afforded a space for Mopsus, now in the lead, to enter the group, followed by Androcles. Everyone knew the boys, for they frequently tagged along with me when I visited the Forum.

Highly irregular," he muttered, as he wrote what I told him. " I glowered at him. "I see. 'Birthdate unknown,' then. And the date of her death? " "Yes. " "Poison," I said, through gritted teeth. " "I see," he said, showing no emotion and hurriedly scribbling. "With a name like Cassandra," he said under his breath, "you might think she'd have seen it coming. And what is your name? " I felt another impulse to strike him, but resisted. " "Very well, then. There, I've written the entry just as you wished.

Surely not. He was a soldier, not a sailor. He would have been by Caesar's side, safe on the farther shore. In any case, of what concern was Meto's fate to me? Suddenly, all around us in the Forum, there was a sense of movement and occasion. I caught glimpses of messengers running across nearby squares. In the distance I saw a group of men gather before the steps leading up to the Temple of Castor and Pollux to listen to an elderly senator in a toga who had something to tell them-from such a distance, I could hear only a vague echo of his voice.

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