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Let us assume that a recipient has recognised a declarative sentence directed at him only incompletely. He can interpret the words that he recognised, but thereby alone he does not comprehend the meaning of the entire sentence. In order to understand the meaning of the entire sentence, he needs to complete the words that he recognised to an expression that denotes a proposition, that is, he must semantically enrich the recognised words. In order to be able to accomplish this task, he needs appropriate operations.

Dis- Cooperative Information Exchange 43 course participants presuppose a common ground; each discourse participant possesses a representation of this common ground. I describe cooperative information exchange as a process of continuous updating the representations of the common ground. To this end, a representation of the common ground is specified as an information state, and the updating of this information state is modelled with an update system. An update system determines how information states are altered by the uttering (and accepting) of sentences: Definition 3-1 (Update System) An update system is a structure U = L, Σ, [ ] that consists of a language L, a set of information states Σ and an update function [ ] : L × Σ → Σ, that changes each information state σ ∈ Σ into an information state σ ∈ Σ for each sentence φ ∈ L.

A sentence that is false with respect to each index contradicts the information state. A sentence that is true with respect to at least one index of the information state is compatible with the information state. The minimal information state 0 describes the state of complete ignorance; only logically true sentences are known, and only logically false sentences contradict the information state. The absurd information state 1 describes contradictory knowledge: no sentence is compatible with the information state; at the same time, all propositions – even contradictions – are known.

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