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By Mushahid Husain, Zishan Husain Khan

ISBN-10: 8132226666

ISBN-13: 9788132226666

ISBN-10: 8132226682

ISBN-13: 9788132226680

This e-book presents a overview of the newest learn findings and key purposes within the box of nanomaterials. The publication includes twelve chapters on varied features of nanomaterials. It starts off with key primary ideas to assist readers new to the self-discipline of nanomaterials, after which strikes to the different sorts of nanomaterials studied. The e-book comprises chapters in accordance with the purposes of nanomaterials for nano-biotechnology and solar power. total, the publication includes chapters on a number of issues on nanomaterials from professional authors around the globe. This e-book will entice researchers alike, and will even be used as a reference for classes in nanomaterials.

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